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World Upcoming Matches

Sport-Predictions.com automatically gather and clean big amount of information, supposed to be correct at the moment of the harvest.

Sport-Predictions.com is not responsible about data errors, misunderstanding or any subsequent use of the information published.

Betting Tips

Sport-Predictions.com uses various algorithms to process the information and evaluate expected match results.

There is no way to ensure the prediction is correct, Sport-Predictions.com declines any responsibility deriving from the use of these information, including monetary gain and loss.

Betting Tips are intended for people older than 18 years old. Betting information are for an adult public only. Sport-Predictions.com greatly discourage anyone younger than 18 years to gamble and bet.

Sport-Predictions.com do not encourage gambling. If you like to gamble please adhere to a responsible gambling behaviour. Do for fun and do not exceed.

For more information and help please visit the Be Gamble Aware organization.


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Betting simulator

The Betting simulator offers the possibility to test the betting ability of the registered users who want to play.

Sport-predictions.com do all the possible to provide fresh data, but you understand that the service can report betting odds out of date at the moment you play.

Sport-Predictions.com reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the Betting simulator service without providing a reason or notice.

Effective June 20, 2020

Updated November 11, 2020

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