We can put at your service expertise and powerful tools to improve your prediction ability.

The football match prediction service is already available and customizable, however we can provide support to set up bases of data and prediction capabilities for different sports upon request.

Do you wish to try your prediction algorithm?

Would you like to predict a particular match outcome?

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- predictions with bet information -


After registering it is possible to insert virtual bets for the eligible events. Bets will be checked and an estimation of the won/spent virtual credit on the period provided. A site-wide classification is proposed, presenting the weekly and monthly performance of the best players.

  • Rules (beta version, updated 17 Nov 2020)
  • Registration unlocks 1000 virtual credits
  • A special form will be present on the prediction detail page of the eligible event
  • Any future match is eligible for betting simulator, until 1-2h before the starting kick
  • The best odd among the ones found in the db will be accounted for the choice. Please note, some odds may be outdated at the moment of playing. It is recommended to insert the virtual bets as early as possible to obtain the most realistic result.
  • Bets are evaluated 48h after the match has been played
  • If a match is cancelled, or postponed for a long time, the virtual credit spent will be refunded

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