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Sport-Predictions and subdomains create two session cookies, anonymous and recognizable by the prefix "__Secure-PHPSESSID". They are needed for the website to comply to the most recent online security regulations and cannot be prevented.

They will be automatically deleted when you close your browser, or you can manually delete in advance by cleaning your browser cache.

Google Analytics is used to obatin statistics about the traffic, it uses 2-3 cookies named "_gid" and "_ga" and "_gat_gtag_". They are managed directly by Google and can be deactivated by your browser options or by installing the plugin gaoptout by Google.

If you accept the cookies policy of this website, we will take note of:

  • the referral URL ("referURL" the previous page)
  • your browser favourite language ("locale")
  • preferred "layout" (desktop/mobile)
  • an id number assigned by the system ("Token")

this is your actual preference:

It will be always possible to change your preference on this same page.

Updated July 22, 2020

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